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Welcome to the 2XL shop. Find wipes, sanitizers, stands, and dispensers; we have everything that you need to make your world a little cleaner.

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Get clean, and stay clean with the help of 2XL. Our family of sanitizing wipes is extremely diverse in just what they can clean and where they work the best. Whatever you need to clean, 2XL has you covered!
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What good are hand sanitizers or wipes without a proper way to dispense them? 2XL has a variety of different dispensers for hand sanitizers, and stands for wipes that will be just what you need to commit to clean.
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We use our hands everyday, and maintaining the highest level of care is very important. In today’s fast-paced, get it done yesterday kind of environment it can be difficult to take the time to properly cleanse your hands. It is for this exact reason we supply a fast, and effective alternative to washing your hands with soap and water.
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Our Hospital Grade Products work extremely well on all surfaces, eliminating germs with ease. The cleaning power does not just stop at surfaces, your hands will be protected from infection and other health hazards as well with these strong products.
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